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How strict are you?

What sort of things are acceptable to you or not acceptable? Is cooking a vegie burger or sausage on a grill where meats are being cooked acceptable?? What about chips fried in the same oil as meat things, so chips from a fish and chip shop say.. What about if a packet lists may contain traces of dairy or eggs?

I eat 'Not Burgers' a lot - I love them, and they are listed on the VNV website as being vegan, but they do say on the packet may contain traces of milk or might be egg.. I understand though that this is just because they use the same equipment to make things which do contain them ingredients and the not burgers most likely dont have any in it or it would be so very minute.. Its like the whole may contain nuts thing, they have to put it to protect there asses.. I figure that if they are not actually in the ingredients list then its ok. But my friend decided to cut out anything that had the disclaimer. So I said to him well what about cooking at home, you use the pans that your family cook there meat, eggs & dairy in.. you chop on surfaces where meat has been.. so maybe when cooking in your kitchen you actually have "traces" of these products.. Seems to me to be making being vegan harder by being soo pedantic, where what is a better thing is to make people see that it isn't soo hard..

What is your stance on this??

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